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Fishes And All Things Fishy And Fish-Like


Rainbow Quan (AKA Speedialer)

Shaper: Rich Pavel

Range: From 5'4" to 6'4"

Design: Q=Quad Fish ("The Quan", A.K.A. the “Speed-Dialer”, A.K.A. the “Dish”). "Once unavailable now obtainable". Modern evolution of the Fish from 5'4" to 6'4". Featuring contemporary rocker with a low entry, sloped rail, slight concave deck, beak nose, and double into single barrel afterburner.

  • Unprecedented function and versatility is proven world wide

  • Fins included/ lok box (recommended) Pavel Speedialer


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Creek Fish

Shaper: Rich Pavel

Range: From 5'3" to 6'5"

Design: Addapted from the Quan as a beach break friendly four fin fish. Ridden on both coasts and beyond. With a wider tail and a pulled nose enjoy vertical surfing in short sections while still having plenty of drive for surfing beyond the pocket.

  • More crank than spank

  • Fins included/lokbox(recommended) RS1 RS2

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Rainbow Buddha

Shaper: Gary MacNabb

Design: Classic 70's twin fin fish, full rails, flat bottom, beak nose, deep cut tail, flat deck. Sized up to 6’6”. The need for small wave speed!!!

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Classic Fish Pavel

Shaper: Rich "Toby" Pavel

Design: Once unavailable, now obtainable. Utilizing fully accelerated curves, a deep cut tail, full rails, beak nose, a slight concave deck, and a subtle vee to single-barrel after burner. With a timeless universal appeal, the classic fish has exceptional performance in a wide range of conditions. Sized up to 6’6”. This fish is a must have for any quiver!

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Hynson Flying Fish

Shaper: Mike Hynson

Design: Wing swallow with channel option. Single or tri fin. Think late 70's,... rip, tear and lacerate! Sizes up to 7’11”.

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Rainbow Fish

Shaper: Steve Clark

Design: Inspired in Australia for Johny Gil, this hand shaped fish has all the curves you need. This board has a deep cut tail, low rocker, beaked nose, flat deck and full rails. Sizes up to 6’6”. Built in the true fish tradition, this board delivers. Available as a keel or 4 fin set up.

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Rainbow Rocket

Shaper: Rich "Toby" Pavel

Design: Consistent and continual refinement has led to this contemporary distillation of the fish. Noticeably pulled this fish is ridden by the most sage of fish disciples. Sizes up to 7’11”.
Available as a keel or 4 fin set up.

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Shaper: Rich "Toby" Pavel

Design: A high performance keel fin fish which is a smaller template of the Classic Fish. Starts at 5’3” and can be pushed to a 5’9”: The quintessential fish, there is nothing to add or take away from this board. If you don’t stop here you have passed it by.

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Pavel Big Quan

Shaper: Rich "Toby" Pavel

Design: Quad Fish ("The Quan", A.K.A. the “Speed-Dialer”, A.K.A. the “Dish”). "Once beyond now obtainable". Modern evolution of the Classic Fish up to 8’0”. Contemporary rocker, low entry, slope rail, slight concave deck, beak nose, double into single barrel afterburner! Starts at 6 ’8” goes up to 7 ’4”. 22" wide.

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Pavel / Gracie 4 fin fish

Shaper: Rich "Toby" Pavel

Design: Contemporary rocker, low entry, no sloped rail, no concave, slightly more pulled in tail and nose! Starts at 7 ’6” goes up to 8 ’0”.

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