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Hynson Egg Scrambler

Shaper: Mike Hynson

Design: The classic egg design of the late 60's early 70's. Distinctive outline, continuous curves, flat rocker, and hard down rails. Sizes up to 6’11”.

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Clark Bar

Shaper: Steve Clark

Design: Classic Late 60's early 70's egg shape up to 7’11”. Continuous curves, forgiving rails, flat bottom for speed. Custom designed single fin.

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The Ovum

Shaper: Gary MacNabb

Design: Sleeker, slimmer design of the original "Platter" boards. Continuous curves and thinner rails, in either a single or tri fin option. Sizes up to 7’11”.

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Contemporary Egg

Shaper: Rich "Toby" Pavel

Design: Contemporary Egg 6'10" to 7’11". Proportioned aft, trimmed full curves, single box with side bite fins. Fun in the sun!

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Shaper: Steve Clark

Design: If you are looking for a short board feel, but want the paddling and wave catching ability of a bigger shape, then this is your new board. Full bodied contemporary egg template combined with four fins and no center fin gives the Rainbow Twinzer all of the benefits listed above. Sizes from 6’6” to 7’11”. Available as a twinzer or quad.

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Check out our board of the month! The Rainbow Four Fin Quad. Read what shaper Rich "Toby" Pavel had to say about his design in this in depth interview,...(more)

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