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Welcome To Rainbow Surfboards

A legend reborn! Rainbow Surfboards was founded by Johnny Gale in 1969 in Laguna Beach, California. The late 1960’s and early 1970’s were a time of mind expansion, new music, and pure cosmic surf soul. Combining then business partner John Hawthorn with the ground breaking designs of Mike Hynson, the psychedelic airbrush art of John Bredin, Starman, as well as the Rainbow Island Family,… Rainbow Surfboards was born.

The Rainbow movement and the turn of the decade were both times of transformation. Boards were going shorter, hair was getting longer and the next generation of surfing history was beginning; ultimately changing it forever.

All surfboards are hand crafted by top shapers: Mike Hynson, Rich "Toby" Pavel, Steve Clark & Gary MacNabb. Boards can include custom artwork by original and recognized artists. The boards are glossed and polished to replicate the original versions.

Expand your mind and search for some surf soul.

See you in the water,
John Frazier
Executive of Soul for Rainbow Surfboards

Rainbow quan aka speedialer in south pacific tube

Check out our board of the Decade! The Rainbow Four Fin Quad. Read what shaper Rich "Toby" Pavel had to say about his design in this in depth interview,...(more)

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